IMMAR Research & Consultancy

The French specialist in media & marketing research in Sub-Saharan Africa and North Africa

An international network

Our in-depth knowledge of national and supranational backgrounds, our experience and our expertise in marketing research allow us to offer a respectful service of international standards.

A full expertise

Our business: To provide a research proposal including high-level analysis and reliable recommendations throughout the continent, both quantitative and qualitative methodologies.

15 years of experience

Our experience with multinational requirements allows us to offer research solutions in France and in Europe as well.

Close to the fieldwork

Our local network covers the entire African continent and thanks to our international expertise, IMMAR is considered as a major player in market research and media well known by a large number of local and international actors.

We provide to our clients an in-depth knowledge of the local economic system, but also a master of various political situations, social and linguistic particularities which make us an essential partner to understand African issues.

A renewed confidence by our partners