In order to meet client expectations, IMMAR Research & Consultancy is organized into different entities thereby strengthening our presence in the field and also a specialization increasingly greater in each strategic area regarding research.

Based on a “multi-skilled” team and voluntarily sized, consultants provide to their customers their extensive knowledge of the local economic issues, but also of various political situations, social and linguistic particularities that make a key partner to understand African issues.

IMMAR entities


Constant evolution

Founded in 1999 and based in Paris, IMMAR International conducts research and expertise studies across Sub-Saharan Africa and North Africa countries to develop continuously new methodologies.

Appropriate proposal

With the benefit of his experience, IMMAR International supports its international partners, research institutes, promoters or international media into their strategy and design solutions required to their needs.

Reliable outputs

IMMAR International pays particularly attention to the quality and reliability of the recommendations of his research while ensuring relevance of its results with actual knowledge of the fieldwork.


A skilled and dynamic team

Subsidiary created in late 2001, IMMAR Maghreb active in Algeria and other North African countries for multinational companies operating in the region.

It performs into the data collection and economic/marketing analysis in the most dynamic areas.

About 90 contributors are at your service throughout the national territory.

Practice Areas:

  • Automotive sector
  • Telecommunications and ICT
  • Media and information tools (on line & off line )
  • Medical and Health
  • Industry and services
  • Micro-finance and financial services to consumers
  • BtoB or BtoC


Coverage across Central Africa

Founded in 2010, IMMAR Central Africa, with headquarters in Kinshasa (DRC), provides coverage throughout Central Africa enabling to provide relevant analysis while being able to conduct different types of surveys.

In this part of Africa, it is important to have an almost instantaneous responsiveness and a permanent adaptability. In DRC, for example, our experienced team has a permanent relay in each province for full coverage of this vast country with the ongoing support of experts IMMAR International.

Advantages of IMMAR Central Africa:

  • A thorough knowledge of local behaviors and African markets (traditions, ethnic and regional characteristics, consumption habits)
  • Loyal and experiences correspondents network
  • An international standard of expertise about qualitative and quantitative studies


A specialized Call Center (CATI)

IMMAR Interactive is our call center specializing in phone surveys (CATI) and customer relationship management (CRM). The entity has a platform with 112 positions spread over two levels, a technical room and a training room.

IMMAR Interactive also complement if needed CATI surveys with CAWI solutions or face to face mode (CAPI)

Scope of Work:

  • Impact measures advertising campaigns
  • Customers satisfaction measures
  • QoS assessments
  • Database cleaning
  • Remote maintenance (Help Desk)


A leader in Algeria

IMMAR Media is the leading company in Algeria in audience measurement and marketing studies for any media support.

Our service is exclusively dedicated to monitoring and daily content analysis of media. With its tools, IMMAR Media ensure monitoring 24/7, on all local press titles, radio stations, local TV channels and satellite.

Main interventions:

  • Press review
  • TV Monitoring
  • TV audience measurement


The new entity

New entity since 2014, IMMAR Morocco aims to be as close to the field to meet the needs of local and international companies.

Specializing in ad hoc research especially in healthcare or and automotive sectors.